That was my zip code 30 years ago and I think about that number almost every day.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered those numbers into www.weather.com just to see what the weather was like…... 58257.

When 58257 was my zip code, I didn't have or need a wallet, I didn't have or need keys, and I didn't have or need money. Everything I needed was all around me in the people of 58257.

I think about how big this place was to me 30 years ago. I would never dream of walking from one end of this place to the other - that was just too far. The boundaries of 58257 were the boundaries of my world - and that was just fine with me.

When I think about 58257, I think about Main street, I think about my school, I think about my childhood friends, I think about my home, I think about my family, and I think about this Church*.

I think about the lessons learned right here in this Church. Lessons for the young and for the old. Then, as true as today, lessons of life, lessons of love and lessons of hope.

This Church as a building stands tall on its 125th birthday because it was built on a solid base of concrete, stone and rock.  This foundation has supported this building for generations.

This Church as an idea was also built on a solid foundation - a foundation of hope, love, and community. These ideas ring true each and every day in the voices and actions of the people here.

I honestly believe the best of me was developed right here in this place - not just this place as a zip code or this place as a building, but this place as an idea. This place as a way of life, this place as my extended family and this place I still call home.

Today, I carry 58257 with me where ever I go, on the inside. I carry this place, I carry this Church and I carry this idea. - If you were to ask any of my friends where I'm from, they would all give you the same answer - Mayville - 58257.

I'm proud to be part of this birthday celebration - Grounded in the past and reaching toward the future.

Written and presented by:

Stan Sparrow on May 6, 2007.



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