The Sparrow's go fishing near Anchorage Alaska

   Fishing for Silver (Coho) Salmon - August of 2008   



   First, Lorrie wanted to pet a Reindeer and some moose.   



   People fishing near downtown Anchorage   



   We drove to the Little Susitna Rive about 1.5 hours north of  Anchorage  

   We were on the water by 5:30 am   


   The regulations limited us to three (3) Silvers each   

   so we were off the river by noon. 

   Average fish was 28 inches long and weighed 11 lbs.   



  Sparrow tradition = Kiss the fish!   




My friend The Moose

 (20 feet away was close enough for both of us)  



   Maybe I'll buy a plane, move up there and take people for rides?  

   I think I'd fit right in....  



   The views of the surrounding mountains were incredible   

  and the vastness of scale is difficult to describe.   




 Thanks for visiting

And a special  thanks to Jesse and Lorrie for joining me. 





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