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= Our trip to the Baltic Sea - June 2014 =

We met up with Sonia, Richard, Laura, Emily and Ken for a splash around the Baltic Sea on The Sea Dream One 

Below are a few photos from the trip.



We started in Stockholm Sweden

Very nice city with plenty to do.


Nice vest!.

The food on the ship was very good.

The Wine was very "Grapy" as well.


This hotel elevator in Stockholm reminded

us of the movie "Midnight Lace".


A visit to the Vasa was very cool!



We couldn't leave Sweden without a visit to the ABBA museum.

No words needed



Next stop - Helsinki Finland - I found it to be a relaxing town

This very cool church is built into the rocks

and has a copper roof.

Santa is from Finland (according to the people in Finland)


Then, we were off to Russia  - We spent three days

in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)

We visited museums, Palaces and other cool places

The Russian Firearm Museum was interesting


And let's not forget about the coolest museum off all...


Tallinn Estonia was next

An ancient town with hundreds of years of history.


Then over to Mariehamn, Aaland Islands, Finland.
The people there were very nice. We took a 15 mile bike ride around the islands
This area has a long and proud history

Lots of fun things to do there

There was dancing (Disco) on the ship for all to enjoy

This was another special adventure and we can't thank Sonia enough for putting this trip together and making sure we were all safe, happy and well fed. 


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