My dear cousin Jay Robin Sparrow, born on November 10th, 1955, passed away peacefully at his home in Pinole California on October 17th 2009.

Loving Son of Jay and Marjo Sparrow and Brother of Joe, Kathy & Wayne. Jay was preceded in death by his Sister Diane. Jay Robin loved racing pigeons, visiting with friends and family, having his dog by his side and watching the sunset over the bay.

Words can’t begin to describe my respect and admiration for Jay Robin.

I wasn’t around Jay Robin very much over the years but that didn’t stop him from having an impact on my life.

I’ve spent most of my life describing Jay Robin to my friends as the most intelligent man I have ever known. Describing him as a person with a physical disability never seemed to be of any significance. Jay Robin was the person he was because of what he held on the inside not because of anything he was on the outside.

When I think of Jay Robin, all I see is his smile. The smile that says, no matter what happens, I’m going to make the best of it.  The smile that says, I know something you don’t. The smile that says, I’m laughing even more on the inside.

I don’t think I can talk about Jay Robin without talking about his birds. The pride he had for his birds and the pleasure they gave to him. To me, watching him watch his birds was a religious experience. I know the birds will miss his face.

Without exception, each and every time I’ve ever talked with Jay Robin, I grew. I grew mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I know I’ll carry a part of him inside me forever.

To the rest of the Sparrow family, I say thank you - thank you for your selfless sacrifices over the years. The countless amounts of time and material items you have given up for Jay Robin has not gone un-noticed. Someone once said; the measure of character in people is how they spend their time and their money. You have all spent a great deal of these things caring for Jay Robin and for that, I thank you.

Stan Sparrow - 10.24.2009

Many groupings of flowers were sent to the family.

Jay Robin would have laughed at this photo - "Racing Pigeons"

Pigeon race by Mr Clive.

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