The Arizona Sparrows.


The Sparrow's Fly to London
September 2017

Day one - Sunday 10/01/17
Visit Buckingham Palace

Sherlock Holmes Museum

English Breakfast

For the love of all that's Holy...
Avoid this stuff... if at all possible

Day 2 - Monday 10/2/17
Stan visited Pitsea Lodge # 4837

Pitsea Lodge meets four times a year.
As well as regular meetings, Lodge members run a weekly Lodge of Instruction for most of the year
 and organise a range of social events and other functions to involve friends and families.

Lucky visited Kensington Palace

Day 3 - Tuesday 10/3/17

Ride the London Eye and walked along the Thames

The "Eye" ... Get it?

A good view of The Shard

Day 4 - Wednesday 10/4/17

Visit Hampton Court Palace

This place is a city - not just a Palace.
The scale of everything there is large.

Henry VIII's Crown

Yes, we got lost in the hedge maze - Don't ask!

Day 5 - Thursday 10/5/17

Visit The Grand Lodge of London

Day 6 - Friday 10/6/17

Visit to St. Pauls

Visit to Westminster Abby

A "British" Phone Booth (Yes, the phone actually worked)

Visit to Harrods (Bring lots of money if you go)
One Example = Bath Robe - $946.73

Day 7 - Saturday 10/7/17

We ended our short visit and headed for home.

We offer our special thanks to our new friends Werner and Brian.
They were great and helped us find our way


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