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 Lucky and Sonia visit Peru - April  2013 

Lucky and Sonia embark on an adventure deep into the Amazon Jungle
to experience Peru and many of it's wonders.

Between them, they snapped over 2,300 photographs.
Only  a few are highlighted here.

They spend the first several days aboard the
M/V Aqua seeing the Amazon River up close and personal.
= Aqua Expeditions =

While on the Amazon River they went on several "expeditions" to see and feel the wildlife.
(Guides actually did most of the "feeling" as it would be impossible to get Sonia or Lucky to touch any of these creatures)

They even went fishing for Piranha

They also visited a Manatee Rescue Center
 = Manatee Rescue Center =

Swimming in the Amazon - Very cool!

After the River trip, they headed to Machu Picchu (via train)
and visited other fun and exciting places.

= Train information =

= Lodge information =

(Yes, Gabbie went along as well)

They visited local artisans, open markets
and even a local school.

Some other assorted photos from the trip

They had a wonderful time - and I'm sure they're already planning their next big adventure.


Heaven only knows where they will go next

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