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While visiting my family in North Dakota this spring, My big sister Jackee gave me the chance to relive a little of my childhood by taking me sledding on the very hill where we played as children.
Below are a few photos of the fun we had.

Jackee, Kriag, David, Skya, Nikki and Stan.
(Mom wanted to sled too but... with two hip replacements, that would not be a good idea - But she enjoyed watching her kids have fun - Sorry Mom)

Jackee always wins - -  The Longest slide!

I wonder how the sled became damaged???

After sledding, we sent the kids home and visited Stub's for a drink or two.
(YES, This was Darlene's idea - apparently she does this often)

The snow was very deep so Jackee and I had the chance to do some snow-shoeing as well.

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