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The Sparrow Brothers went on a fishing trip to Twin Lakes Alaska.
 = August 2012 =

About a year earlier, I decided to take a trip to Twin Lakes Alaska for some remote wilderness style fishing and my big brother came along to make sure I didn't get in any trouble and to make sure I came back in one piece. 

Below are some photos of the adventure with a few comments along the way

Once we arrived in Anchorage, we took a small plane to Port Alsworth - then we jumped in a float plane to take us the 60 miles to Twin Lakes. 

We stayed at the Windsong Wilderness Retreat.

More information can be found at this link

 Windsong Wilderness Retreat 

Windsong Wilderness Retreat, on beautiful Twin Lakes, offers a
wilderness vacation in the heart of Alaska's Lake
Clark National Park.
This destination combines the uniqueness of a premier wilderness setting with the comfort of your own log cabin.


= The Birds =
The Birds were hungry almost all the time so we fed them crackers, berries, nuts and pancakes whenever they came calling.

= The Fishing =
The Fishing was so good we lost track of how many we landed - we estimated 50 per day.
The first Lake Trout was the only small one - All the other Lake trout were between 18 and 21 inches long - The largest was the salmon landed by Jesse.

We kept one per day for dinner and let all the others go.

Almost too big for the net!

One Arctic Grayling was landed on the Fly Rod near the mouth of the connecting stream.

Kiss the Fish - A Sparrow Tradition (started by Stan)

Fresh Sushi

The Magic Lure - Worked very well -
And Jesse only had one...
Until he lost it and found another in his bag of lures - - -

Fresh Fish!

And local blueberries in the pancakes with scrambled eggs.
A great way to start the day!

I picked the blueberries while Jesse stood guard.

= A visit to Dick Proenneke's Cabin = 

More information with this link

= The Bears =

While we were there, we had an encounter with a black bear.
We stupidly left our packs in the boat for a few minutes while picking
blueberries. When we returned to the boat, Jesse's pack was gone.
We found it and the bear in the woods and had to ""persuade"" the bear to give it back.
Nobody was injured but the bear did chomp on the GPS rendering it unusable.
No photos of the encounter were taken - We were a little busy trying to "not get eaten".

* Note to self, don't leave anything unattended in the wild - ever!

We also saw a mama bear and her cub near the Windsong Resort
I only managed to get these few photos. They left us alone and we left them alone.

Baby bear in a tree

Mama bear near the beach

= The weather was great and the scenery was even better =

I offer my thanks to my big brother for joining me on this adventure.

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