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Our visit to Gil and Sonia in Maine - 9/2010

Lucky and I visited "Uncle Gil" and "Aunt Sonia" for a few days.

Fun, laughter, great food, great wine, great root beer and stimulating conversation were the order of the day.

(Visiting Gil and Sonia is always Fun and Exciting)



A perfect day of Boating on the Elysium

We're never lost with Gil at the helm.

We motored over to Camden for the day

and passed some lighthouses along the way.



We even managed to get in a game on Ping-Pong.



And the food - Let's not forget about the food!

Always wonderful!

Sonia's Home Grown Tomatoes (Yummy)


Wouldn't be Maine without Lobster!



Bike Riding, Walking and seeing the local wildlife

(Including our dear friend Lola)



We worked on the new walking trail that ends at a great spot to watch the sunset.




  These thoughts from our last adventure with 

  Gil and Sonia still ring true. 


 All the great adventures we’ve shared with Gil and Sonia over the years are too many to list and we appreciate them both very much.

·    Gil - for his generosity, his kindness, his intelligence, his ability to teach by example, the way he stays cool under pressure, his grace when allowing me pay the dinner bill once in a while and his tolerance of my strangeness in general.

·    Sonia - for her ability to find excellent restaurants in the middle of nowhere, her watchful demeanor making sure we’re all safe, happy and well fed, her talent at choosing the right wine that pairs well with hot-dog-fried-rice and a good Arby’s sandwich.

We realize we can never repay Gil and Sonia for all they have taught us and done for us...

But we will keep on trying...

Maybe on the next adventure.




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