The Arizona Sparrows.


I set out to build a 10' x 14' work shop alone.

The foundation, floor, walls, roofing and rock retaining wall could be done alone, but the trusses were definitely a 2 person job. My friend Dave stopped by over the weekend and helped with the trusses. (Thanks Dave - I couldn't have done it without you)

From this spot, a workshop would grow.

(notice the snow)


The materials were delivered on March 23rd, 2010


The foundation of concrete blocks are set and leveled.


A Grey Squirrel came around each day and I always found time to give him some peanuts.

I named him Jesse and he was great company to have - not critical of my work at all.



The floor joists are cut and nailed together


The plywood floor is installed


The first wall is put together and stood up.

Walls stand 6' 9"

Then the second wall

And the third wall


Next the 6 feet wide steel security door is installed


All four walls are up and secure.


Next came the custom trusses.

Here's where the help from my friend Dave was needed and appreciated.


Plywood over the trusses and the roofing materials are installed.


Shingles took less time than I thought it would even though there were many trips up and down the ladder.

View from atop the shed.


A rock retaining wall was needed on the downhill side.

All the rocks were collected from around the property.

With that, the job was done.

Eight days of hard work but I enjoyed it.

It will be a great place to store stuff.

Maybe I'll even build birdhouses in there?


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