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The Sparrow's go on an Alaska Cruise - May 2007


The Golden Princess - Princess Cruise Line

We will go back to Alaska some day, but we will never step foot on

Princess Cruise Line ship ever again.

E-mail me if you want to know why.  Stan@StanSparrow.com



Bill, Lisa, Lucky and I go on an Alaska Cruise

The Disco is where we spend several hours - Those party animals!

One of the seven pools on the ship - it was to cold to use then in Alaska.



Helicopter ride to one of the Glaciers.



Lucky was cold while on the Glacier.

Photo of the Glacier from the helicopter.

A land, seemingly, without motion.


Fog came off the mountains like the smoke from many campfires.


We took a ride on the Yukon Railroad.

Lucky, a moose and Lisa  - all were spending money (except the moose)


While in Ketchikan, we went Kayak Fishing in the ocean.



As I said, Alaska was great and I will be back some day - to fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Princess Cruise Line will not be seeing me ever again after my experience with them.

One last thing - Just to be clear

Our experience with the Princess Cruise Line should not be seen as the rule – 

but the exception to the rule – There’s tons of people that go on cruises and have a great time.

Our issues were with the Princess Cruise Line only - 

There may be other lines that practice better customer service with their customers – 

both during the cruise and after.

 My advice to anyone that wants to go on a cruise would be:

·        Fully understand what you want out of a vacation

·        Know how much you want to spend and stick to it

·        Watch out for hidden charges and hidden up-charges.

·        Ask tons of questions

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