The Arizona Sparrows.

  Vacation to Key West Florida - March 2010 



 Our adventure started with a flight to Key West Florida.

 Gil and Sonia had chosen an excellent place to stay (as always) 

 The Westin Sunset Key -

 It's a small island called Sunset Key - just off Key West -

a shuttle boat runs from Key West to the island every 30 minutes


   Sunset Key Island  

  The beach and the accommodations were excellent 

(BTW - That's Gil walking back from enjoying the cool ocean between his toes)

 On March 10th we found an 80 foot sailboat and went out for a short sail  

   The Captain let us each have a turn at the wheel. Very fun!

  (Nice advertisement for Heineken) 


     What trip with Gil and Sonia would be complete without food? 

   Lots of incredibly excellent food 

  I'm still not sure what we ate... or where we ate - but I know it was great! 

 We also visited the Key West Lighthouse, did some more shopping 

  and we even made it to the southernmost point of the USA

  90 miles from Cuba! 

  We rented an electric car for an afternoon and drove around in style 

 (Could we look any more touristy?)


  The Sunsets there in Key West are some of the best on earth. 

   People line up to witness the event - and that's when the real party begins. 



   US Highway One starts (or ends - depending on your direction) in Key West 

  The other end (or beginning) is in Fort Kent Maine. 




On the forth day of this adventure, I found myself taking very few photographs - not normal for me. 

  (On one of our sailing trips I took over 900 photos)

 As I examined my own thoughts as to why my interest in documenting our adventure had declined, it occurred to me. I was more interested in the people we were with than the adventure itself.

 The fun adventures we’ve shared with Gil and Sonia over the years are too many to list and we appreciate them both very much.

·    Gil - for his generosity, his kindness, his intelligence, his ability to teach by example, the way he stays cool under pressure, his grace when allowing me pay the dinner bill once in a while and his tolerance of my strangeness in general.

·    Sonia - for her ability to find excellent restaurants in the middle of nowhere, her watchful demeanor making sure we’re all safe, happy and well fed, her talent at choosing the right wine that pairs well with hot-dog-fried-rice and a good Arby’s sandwich.

We realize we can never repay Gil and Sonia for all they have taught us and done for us - but we will keep on trying... Maybe on the next adventure.


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