The Arizona Sparrows.

"Wrigley '08"

 That was the code name for a

Baseball pilgrimage to Wrigley Field in Chicago Illinois.


On May 8th, 2008 Bill, Dave and Stan set out on an adventure

that will be remembered for days and weeks to come.


All copies of the "Double Secret Wrigley 08 Manifesto" have either been destroyed

or sealed by the court order.


A few rare "Wrigley 08" Photos are the only things that we can share.

How cool is this? 

At the ESPN Zone we found a model of Wrigley Field made of Wrigley Gum Wrappers!

Dave and Bill looking out from the Hancock Building observation deck.

Wash what?

Stan, Dave and Bill - overlooking the Chicago skyline.

The Navy Pier and more of the skyline. 



The Chicago Water tower from above. 

Don't even ask.

Outside Wrigley Field


Wrigley Field and the game.


Dave and Larry                 - - -                    Stan and Bill

Not having any fun watching our D-Backs come up short.

Other fun things we saw.... 

Like pigeons actually cooking themselves!


Buckingham Fountain





Sears Tower


  Honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza and the Picasso

Billy Goat Tavern - Don't even look at the menu - Just do what they say...

If you don't know about Billy Goats, you're probably to young to be surfing the web unescorted.


My thanks to Bill and Dave for being such good friends.


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