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Welcome to a Photographic Documentary.

A photo album documenting the Birthday Party for Gil Curtis held at The Fogg Art Museum* on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts on the second of February 2008. 

Have a look and see if you recognize anyone.

There are several photos so please be patient and allow the site to load.

Our journey begins on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts.

More specifically, The Fogg Art Museum.

The Fogg Art Museum, which opened to the public in 1895, is Harvard's oldest art museum. Around its Italian Renaissance courtyard, based on a sixteenth-century façade in Montepulciano, Italy, are galleries illustrating the history of Western art from the Middle Ages to the present, with particular strengths in Italian early Renaissance, British pre-Raphaelite, and nineteenth-century French art.

The Wertheim Collection, housed on the second floor of the Fogg, is one of America's finest collections of Impressionist and post-Impressionist work, and contains many famous masterworks. The Boston area's most important collection of Picasso's work is also found at the Fogg, as well as outstanding collections of photographs, prints, and drawings.

At 6:30 the Black Tie Affair was just getting underway.




The Museum was elegantly decorated for the occasion as seen in these

photos taken from the second floor

The Invitation list included only the well dressed and beautiful people. ** 
























A few words of thanks and "Happy Birthday" were offered.




The Princeton Boys posed for a photo!

There was a fantastic band with dancing




And naturally, the food was excellent!



After the Party, relatives got together - 

Sometimes, it's all about the food.





The Party was a great success and my thanks go out to Sonia for such great work.

The Fogg has been returned to normal but... the memories will last forever.




Unfortunately, Lola could not make it to the party... she was missed.



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** Well dressed and beautiful people? You may be asking yourself, How did Stan get past security at the party? He had a press pass!

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